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finderful.com is designed to help you to find the best place to live in Sydney (or elsewhere in Australia) based on your personalised preferences.

All you have to do is type in a place you often travel to (such as your workplace) and simply fill in your preferences. The results will provide all the important information you need in regard to the suggested homes.

The purpose of this website is to figure out which suburbs are best for you, saving you time and money. Furthermore, it helps you to make an informed decision for the location of your new home that you will not regret.

How To

1. Enter your work address

or a place you often travel to

2. Personalise the results

  1. you can choose how many bedrooms you are looking for so that the results give you an idea of the weekly price others pay in each area
  2. it is your preference: you can prioritise price over distance or safety. We try to make it simple, with no hard restrictions like 5km, 10km, etc.
  3. this is optional, you can type in more addresses, such as your loved ones, so that you can travel from home to many address conveniently.
Even after results are shown, you can easily and quickly change your preferences to be cheaper, safer, and/or closer. The results will update automatically and show the areas that best fit into your personalised preferences.
We know this type of preference-based finder is a little different than what you're used to, but we hope that you find it easier to find the best results than the traditional limit-based searches.

Our Story

The concept for finderful.com started in 2013 when the founder (Jayen) was looking for a place to live in Sydney. He was very frustrated looking at websites not being able to decide where to live, especially since there wasn't one page where he could quickly compare suburbs or even apartments. So he came up with this idea to create a site to combine data together using preferences, rather than just being able to search and sort by a single factor. Being technically minded, he was able to create such a site. That's how finderful.com was born. With finderful.com, anyone can quickly choose what suburb to live in.

Contact Us

You can contact us by tagging us in a post on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or Google+.

Data Sources

finderful.com ties together data from many different sources to find the best value for you. Our primary sources of data are:

Our secondary sources of data are:

Privacy Policy

What information is collected

At the time of writing (28 April 2015), no personal information is collected. Standard server logs are kept, which record which web pages are accessed, at what time, and from what internet address. This includes recording of search queries. In-page events are recorded separately, such as the time required to load a page or the time taken to respond to a search query.
Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting has been implemented, but this information is not used together with any other identifier outside Google Analytics. You may opt out through Google Analytics' currently available opt-outs for the web.

For what purposes collected information is used

At the time of writing (28 April 2015), collected information has been used to monitor website performance, and prioritize improvements to the website. The information may be used for research purposes in the future.

With whom collected information is shared

At the time of writing (28 April 2015), collected information which is stored on the server(s) is only available to the chief officer. Some information is stored by Google Analytics, and may be accessible to Google as well. Google Analytics information is also shared with the Social, Personality & Developmental Psych organizational unit within UWS (SSAP).

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