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Cheapest Suburb in Sydney

Cheapest Suburb in Sydney

According to the latest report from Housing NSW, the cheapest postcode in Sydney is 2163 (Villawood) where the median one-bedroom rental is only $150 per week. In 2760 (St. Marys) and 2747 (Kingswood), the median two-bedder is twice that, at $300 per week, but in 2770 (Mount Druitt) the median three-bedroom rental is only $50 more at $350 per week and a four-bedder at $430 per week. The median two-bedder in 2753 (Richmond) is $295 per week, so that's a little cheaper than St. Marys and Kingswood, but it's a bit further from Sydney CBD.

Cheapest Suburb in Sydney
1 br Villawood NSW 2163 $150
2 br St. Marys NSW 2760 $300
Kingswood NSW 2747
3 br Mount Druitt NSW 2770 $350
4 br Mount Druitt NSW 2770 $430
2 br Richmond NSW 2753 $295

While the median price information per postcode comes from Housing NSW's report, we had to do a little bit of work to figure out which postcodes are in Sydney and which suburbs are in each postcode. This report on its own is not very useful. finderful.com combines this report with safety and travel time data to help you find the best suburbs for you. Check it out.

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