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Cheapest Suburbs to Rent in Sydney

Unfortunately I can't really tell you the cheapest suburbs to rent in Sydney as that really depends on you and what you mean by each of those subphrases:


You don't really want the absolute cheapest suburb. At some point, you'll be willing to pay a little extra to get a safer suburb or one closer to Sydney CBD. So what you really want is the best value, but that's a little harder to define, or is it?

Find your cheap suburbs to rent in Sydney

Suburbs to Rent

You wouldn't consider a suburb with only one listing a year as a place you could stay. So while it might appear to be the cheapest suburb in sydney, it's unlikely that the one rental price is an accurate measure of that suburb. You can only consider a suburb based on a significant number of rentals, so which ones are those?

In Sydney

"Sydney" means different areas in different contexts. It could mean CBD, the City of Sydney, the inner city, everything east of greater western Sydney, the greater Sydney area, the electoral district of Sydney, the division of Sydney, and probably heaps of others I can't even think of. So when you're thinking to live in Sydney, exactly where are you considering?

finderful.com can help you answer those questions. Just answer a few questions and adjust the controls to help you find the best value suburb for you. You can look at the price trends to see which suburbs have fluctuating prices and which change slowly. If you're looking at areas outside of Sydney, just type in a place you want to be near and let finderful.com figure out the rest.