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A house price algorithm for Sydney

If you've been looking to rent a house in Sydney, you've noticed that house prices are astronomical here. But you have no choice; you have to live somewhere. Of course you want the cheapest place you can get, but how cheap is too cheap? What are you giving up to save a few bucks? Distance to Sydney CBD is a pretty big factor in the price of a house, but what if you rarely plan to go to Sydney CBD? Given two equally distant houses at similar prices price, what's the next factor you would consider? Is it safety? As the factors stack up, so does the complexity of your decision. What are the best value suburbs in Sydney for you?

You need to get data on each factor, and you need to decide the value of each factor on your decision. Ultimately, you want to know where in Sydney you should be looking, as you can't reasonably inspect every rental property in Sydney. This is where finderful.com comes in. It already has data, and some controls to input the value of each factor. All you have to do is enter an area you want to live near, and decide on the value of each factor, and leave the rest to the algorithm to make suggestions for you.

Good luck in your house-hunting!

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