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Factors to consider when figuring out where to rent a house in Sydney

Rent prices

Rent prices are generally more expensive as you get closer to the City of Sydney and closer to the beaches (eastwards). As you go out further west, it gets cheaper, but there are still areas out west where it is expensive.

Find your cheap suburbs to rent in Sydney

House or Unit

Deciding between a house or a unit is mostly a personal decision. Generally, houses are three or more bedrooms and units are two or fewer. Closer to the City of Sydney, there are more units available for rent than houses. The same goes for any commercial area (e.g. train stations, shopping centres, etc.) Further away, there are more houses available than units.

Time to City of Sydney

Time is an important factor for many people. Sydney of course has a public transportation system, but unless you are going to or from the City of Sydney, it can be a hassle. Even to/from the city, there are many areas where there is no (or slow) direct transportation and it is faster to change to a "limited stops" train along the way.

You can use finderful.com to find an area personalised to your time and price preferences. Just enter an address to which you will often travel, and use the controls to adjust your preferences.