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Is Parramatta Safe?

Want to know if Parramatta is a safe place to live? Read on to see some statistics, the hotspots, as well as links for more information and where you can ask questions.

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

Do you know that the bureau has a crime tool you can use to look up crime statistics. You can see statistics on a map or on a table. The map let's you compare areas quickly and supports three types of areas: LGAs (councils), postcodes, and suburbs. The table is good if you want to see a trend across multiple years.


For some offences, the crime tool lets you see hotspots, like the one at the top of this article. The hotspots let you see which areas within a suburb are safe. The offences that currently have hotspots are:

Similar-sized suburbs

If you're trying to find out if Parramatta is safe, that's probably because you are looking at living there. Below I include a table from the bureau comparing different suburbs of a population similar to Parramatta. I've also included the last few years, so you can see the trend. The rate is incidents per 100,000 residents.

NSW Crime Statistics for Jan 2012 to Dec 2017: Incidents of Theft (Break & enter dwelling)
To Dec 2017Year to Dec 2012Year to Dec 2013Year to Dec 2014Year to Dec 2015Year to Dec 2016Year to Dec 2017
Trend: 6 year
New South Walesdown 8.4% per year40610555.735277476.133980452.031627414.629713383.927776358.9
CHATSWOODdown 4% per year95417.844188.346190.541163.148183.689340.4
MARRICKVILLEdown 6.9% per year97367.0154574.595348.685307.756200.172257.3
PARRAMATTAdown 11.9% per year196899.7219953.0198806.5128496.7152563.1129477.9
QUAKERS HILLdown 14.7% per year93342.8109399.591331.367242.379283.743154.4
STRATHFIELDdown 12.6% per year252993.8154596.9196747.7151567.4139513.9137506.5

Suburb of Parramatta and City of Parramatta

We briefly mentioned LGAs earlier. An "LGA" is a Local Government Area, but they're usually called Councils. Generally a Council is made of postcodes and the postcodes are made up of suburbs. The suburbs don't have their own government. In Australia, we have three levels, with the lowest level of government being the Councils. Usually when someone says they live in Parramatta, they mean the suburb and not the City of Parramatta Council.

Other factors

There are, of course, other factors besides safety when choosing a place to live. On our site, you can search based on safety, travel time, and of course price.

Find safe suburbs near Parramatta

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Where to ask for more information

Two more places to find information are reddit and Whirlpool. You can also ask your own questions, too, if you have an account.