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Best Sydney Commuter Suburbs

Before adding isochrones to finderful.com After adding isochrones to finderful.com

So you're a Sydney commuter trying to find the best suburbs? You've probably been looking at isochrones on websites like mapnificent or iso4app. An isochrone helps you figure out how long your commute will take, and visually see what suburbs of Sydney are closer or further, timewise. We've just added isochrones to our site, so while you can [still and always] search for homes by travel time, now you can visually see the distance in time. Check out the image at the top for an example.

Find the best Sydney commuter suburbs

Commute time home searches

While [we believe] we're the first to integrate commute time in a home search, we acknowledge that many others globally now have this capability.

Walk Score are popular for measuring the walkability of a place, but did you know they have an apartment search? Along with searching by walkability, you can also search by commute time. They also show an isochrone, though it assumes you can fly over obstacles. Hopefully the commute search doesn't also make that assumption.

Zoopla is a very popular property portal in the UK, and their travel time search seems to be powered by iGeolise. The map shows a more realistic isochrone than Walk Score, but unfortunately you can't search outside the UK.

Foxtons (also in the UK) also has a travel time search with realistic isochrones. Aside from being limited to the UK, they only let you enter a postcode not an exact workplace. They also don't show the estimated travel time to each individual home.

finderful.com let's you enter as many places as you like, and can even enter categories like "supermarket", "beach", and "railway station". The search works across Australia, and it shows the travel time from each home to each entered place, along with the transport modes.

Find the best Sydney commuter suburbs

Best Sydney commuter suburbs

Assuming you work near Town Hall Station and commute by public transport, here are some 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes representative of the best Sydney commuter suburbs:

Best Sydney commuter suburbs
Advertised weekly rentTravel time on public transportMode
Kogarah Bay$58046mBus+Train
Connells Point$64041mBus+Train
South Hurstville$54038mBus+Train
Concord West$56040mTrain
Old Toongabbie$53056mBus+Train
St Leonards$70024mTrain