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Cheapest Suburbs to Rent in Sydney

The Sydney suburbs where minimum wage workers can afford to rent

This article from last year shows a couple of cool heatmaps that show how many hours a week people need to work to afford renting a one-bedroom unit in each suburb in Sydney. If you have a look at the maps, there are some extremes like The Rocks where minimum wage workers need to work 152 hours per week to be able to afford rent of $790 per week. (We assume this was the median rent.) That's almost 22 hours per day! But don't worry, on Saturdays and Sundays, one only needs to work 21 hours per day. Minimum wage is $17.29 per hour, and 30% of pre-tax income is considered "affordable".

Don't despair too much. Minimum wage workers can afford to live in the cheapest suburb mapped. Llandilo at $170 per week would be less than 33 hours or work per week, although it's about two hours to The Rocks by public transport. Glenfield is second cheapest on the map at $175 per week and is only 45 minutes on the train. You may consider to check finderful.com for more-up-to-date information along with a comparison of travel time and price

The situation is much better for the average wage (in the state, not just Sydney) of $39.27 an hour. Still more than 67 hours per week for The Rocks, but less than 15 hours of work for Glenfield.

Hours per week to afford a 1-bedroom unit in Sydney
Minimum wageAverage wageTravel time to The Rocks on public transport
The Rocks152670s

Compare travel time and price

Australia’s cheapest suburbs to rent within 10km of the city

Though this article is targeted at Tasmania, it includes a list of the cheapest suburbs near Sydney. We've included the table below, amended with travel time on public transport from Central Station or Town Hall Station. As above, we recommend checking finderful.com for more-up-to-date information.

Cheapest Suburbs to Rent in Sydney
Median advertised weekly rent for one-bedroom unitsTravel time on public transportMode
Hurlstone Park$33018mTrain
Russell Lea$33512mBus
Hunters Hill$35513mBus

Comparison of Rents in Sydney by Neighborhood

Sydney Moving Guide has some extensive tables on median rents that I won't repeat here. Each council in two rings around Sydney are tabulated, for every number of bedrooms. The tables currently say "apartments" but I'm pretty sure the tabulated rents apply to houses as well. There's also tables for a few suburbs (grouped by postcode) separated by geographic region, although there isn't currently a map of where these regions are, relative to the CBD.